Our slogan is more than just a catch phrase, it's what we live by

We seek to uproot the age-old assumption that “no one will take care of it like you will” as we believe our services and attention to detail speak for themselves. At Lake Keowee Home Watch we understand how hard you worked for your second home and we take it upon ourselves to care for it. Our business is driven by our desire to work hard and do everything possible to satisfy our customers. It is our greatest honor to serve you as the premier home watch and home management company in the Lake Keowee area. We are confident that our services will allow you to make the most out of your vacation home. 

There are countless benefits of having a house manager, here are a few high points

·        Catch small issues such as leaks, mold and infestations before they become major issues and costly repairs

·        Have an advocate who knows reliable contractors and can ensure projects or repairs get done right for a fair price

·        Provide peace of mind knowing someone is regularly checking the status of your home while you are away

·        Ensure you can enjoy your vacation home to the fullest extent

·        Create a presence in your home to deter vandalism or break ins

·        Receive regularly updated reports (with pictures) on the status of your home

·        Have the status of your home checked after any major storm