A getaway at the lake is meant for relaxation, but unfortunately it can often be hectic upon arrival as the to-do list never seems to end. Walking into a house that needs beds made up, the A/C turned on and chores completed is stressful. Our arrival services are designed to ensure that your vacation begins the second you walk through your door (Services must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance).

Our Price : $75 (applicable for homes equal to or less than 4,500 SF)

Our Checklist

·        Bring in any trashcans and mail

·        Bring out or uncover any outdoor furniture

·        Turn on the water (if applicable)

·        Set thermostat to the proper level

·        Schedule for the house to be cleaned before arrival (If requested, will be outsourced)

·        Turn on interior and exterior lights as requested

·        Remove the boat/PWC covers and check battery health

·        Start and run vehicles in the garage for 2 minutes (if requested)

·        Carry any canoes, kayaks, tubes, etc. down from house to dock

·        Replace any batteries in beeping smoke detectors

Please note: Our mission at Lake Keowee Home Watch is to make you comfortable and your time at your lake home enjoyable as possible. We are happy to make any adjustments for other requests to be fulfilled. Please contact us in regard to any questions or special requests you may have.

Arrival Service : $75