Year-Round Plan

Have peace of mind knowing that you have a house manager caring for your home during all four seasons. Our Year Round Home Watch Plans run all year long.

Off-Season Plan

Specialized for those who spend summers on the lake and the cooler months at their primary residence. Our Off-Season Home Watch Plans and home management services run from mid-September through April


Regular Home Wellness Check Up's- Through our Year-Round and Off Season plans, Lake Keowee Home Watch conducts a Wellness check at the interval of your choice. By regularly visiting your home, we are able to recognize small issues before they become costly repairs. With each visit, we go through an extensive check list inside and outside your home (see below). After every visit, we will send you a wellness report including photographs. Let us take the stress out of being an absentee owner by being a trusted source regularly visiting your home. See here for pricing

Manage projects and repairs- Lake Keowee Home Watch has established relationships with third party contractors and knows who to call when something breaks. We are able to schedule contractors to repair any issue and ensure the entire process goes smoothly and the job is done right. Our oversight holds contractors accountable for the quality of their work while keeping the price fair. Additional charges apply 

Package delivery- Have your packages delivered to us and we can personally deliver them.

Meeting contractors - No one likes giving a copy of the key and the alarm code to every contractor doing work on your home. We are able to meet service personnel to provide access as well as supervision (if requested) for repairs. Lake Keowee Home Watch will lock up and set the alarm after the work is complete, ensuring your home is secure and no unauthorized contractors have access. Additional charges apply

Our checklist


·        Bring in the mail and trashcans, move packages inside (can forward upon request)

·        Start and run vehicles for two minutes (if requested)

·        Ensure any recent exterior work by third parties was completed to satisfaction

·        Check the status of the landscaping, plants and trees

·        Eliminate any wasp or hornets nest surrounding your home

·        Look for any drainage or erosion issues

·        Turn on and test all exterior lighting

·        Test the irrigation system to ensure proper functionality

·        Visually check the status of the roof, chimney, fascia and gutters

·        Check the status of the dock, porches and fire-pits 

·        Visually inspect the boat lift, the boat and any PWC’s (can start boats or PWC’s upon request)


·        Ensure any recent work by third parties was completed to satisfaction

·        Water plants as necessary 

·        Test the status of alarm and security system

·        Check every room in the house for signs of moisture, infestation or forced entry

·        Reset all clocks and appliances after power outages

·        Ensure thermostat is functioning and temperatures are at desired range

·        Test all interior lights, replacing any burned out bulbs (billed at cost plus 10%)

·        Check the status of all appliances

·        Ensure water heater is functioning and heating to proper levels

·        Perform a “smell test” in the pantry, fridge and freezer

·        Check all visible pipes for signs of leaks (visual test)

·        Run all sinks and showers to keep seals fresh and to prevent mold

·        Flush all toilets, checking for signs of leaks around the toilet base

·        Replace batteries in smoke alarms as needed

·        Check the breaker panel, resetting if necessary

·        Check the attic and unfinished spaces for signs of moisture or infestations

Upon completion of the wellness check we will:

·        Set the thermostat to the desired level

·        Leave a few interior lights on (different light each time) to give the impression of someone being home (if requested)

·        Turn off the water

·        Lock all windows and doors. Secure all gates and fencing 

·        Set the security system

See here for pricing