An entrepreneur at heart, Jackson Lindsay’s first business was landscaping. While growing his business 100% year after year, Jackson learned what he feels are the hallmarks to his success. “I strove to provide the highest level of service for the best value – and found when you pair that with never stopping until every customer is satisfied, you have a recipe for organic growth. Our success came from doing the little things that make a big difference, if you treat everyone with respect and have unwavering integrity, good things happen.”

The idea for a Home Watch Company was seeded while running his landscaping business. “We had many clients that would be out of town for months at a time, so many of our customers wanted us to check the interior of their homes in addition to their landscape services. I saw the value that a dedicated Home Watch Company could bring after we uncovered a small leak that would have been major repair for a customer.”

After selling his landscaping business, Jackson worked in real estate investments. While he enjoyed the time he spent in this field, he greatly missed the personal relationships that come with a service based business. After relocating to the Lake Keowee Area, Jackson founded Lake Keowee Home Watch. Jackson would love to talk to you about his passion for service and all that his company can do to make your life easier and take the stress out of owning a second home. 

For all inquiries, please call Jackson Lindsay at (864)-481-0453 or